Fluidity can help you build the most effective digital communication system that connects you to your target audience.

Founded and lead by veteran consultants, Christopher A. Williams, M.P.A., Christina Elizabeth Rodríguez, M.S. Journalism, Timothy Jacobs, 
and Fluidity has identified and extracted the most important components of political strategy, and developed ways to more broadly engage communities at large.

Fluidity, through digital engagement and strategic development, will enhance your marketing campaign.

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We use our full arsenal of services to ensure the best results.

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Digital Engagement

Collectively there are more than 1 billion active users on social media platforms with varying ages critical to your engagement strategy.

Virtual Village

Gone are the days in which we are tethered by conventional demographic categories like age, race, gender, or zip code in making predictions about people’s opinions or behaviors.

Data Analytics

Data analytics has taken advocacy and engagement to new levels by recognizing the sophistication of today’s citizens.

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